You Attract Angels: Positive and Negative

Elaine Clayton
3 min readNov 9, 2019

Elaine Clayton

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Kabbalah scholar and teacher, Justin C. Beck says, “According to Kabbalah, a guardian angel escorted your soul into this world at birth and travels at your side until your death. Throughout your life’s journey, your guardian angel is your friend, teacher, and spiritual partner steering you back on track when you stray. The more you open yourself to his or her influence, the more Light you can bring into the world, the more positive connect-ions you will make, and more doors will open to you. They (the angels) help us attain levels we couldn’t achieve acting individually.”

Ok, that sounds positive, so what’s this about “negative angels”? Beck teaches that our actions determine which kind of angels we attract. I picture my own guardian angel sympathetically leaning in toward me, trying to keep me from destructive thoughts and actions, but every time I have a negative thought based on a memory of something bad that happened or some hurtful thing someone did or said to me, I welcome destructive reactions, behaviors and influences — negative angels, and my guardian angel can’t bat them away fast enough. Our mental and emotional energy can build powerfully and attract more of the same all around us and when a good bit of our thoughts or responses are negative, this causes chaos. And we created it, welcomed it!

You might say, no — the person or people who perpetrated against me, broke a trust or damaged others is to blame, and you are not wrong. We are not letting them off the hook, it is just that we cannot control their choices or actions, but we are in charge of our own domain (our body, mind and soul) and our own spiritual atmosphere, inside-out. So what we allow into our experience, what we entertain in the way of our thoughts, emotions and actions, and the mayhem it may deliver up is our own doing.

There is plenty of negative floating around with the positive, and there always has been. We have no choice but to live a life dealing with positive and negative forces. We live in a world made of these opposing forces, so no wonder we find ourselves having to process and balance ourselves within that structure of day vs night, light vs shadow, bad vs good, etc. There will be suffering and there will be joy in this life, so how do we get more joy, less suffering?

Beck teaches, “Which angels you attract depends upon your actions. According to the Zohar (Kabbalah text that is a mystical interpretation of the Pentateuch or Torah/Hebrew Bible) when you hurt someone, break a trust, or act cruelly, you beckon destructive angels in your life. Conversely, when you share openly and commit acts of loving kindness, you attract positive angels and Light. Therefore, you are directly responsible for the angelic forces influencing your life.”

As we drift (or stumble) into the holiday season, a time of celebration — a little interlude when people at least try to pause from the ordinary overload of toxic spewing (these days much of it cloaked in the ghastly robe of political nastiness) we can see what it feels like to attract more positive angels. We can’t choose thoughts, actions or angels for others but we can choose for ourselves. We can do things that ease the way for those who suffer, great and small — -we can be nicer in traffic or hold the elevator for someone, join a movement that seeks to ethically correct compromised societal structures or just banish thoughts that make us unhappy. In these ways, we can invite positive angels to surround us and say good bye to the responses that attract more destructive forces.

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